About That Leo Burnett LA Closing Rumor…

By Matt Van Hoven 

Lately we’ve heard some rumblings from a few of you that the Los Angeles offices of Leo Burnett are closing. We called around and eventually got an answer that makes more sense. And let’s be honest &#151 the fewer agency closings, the better.

According to a source within the agency, one of the two offices in LA is no longer needed. Yes, that’s not necessarily a good thing, but saving money just makes sense. Apparently some of the GM team was needed in Detroit &#151 the agency wanted those folks closer to the client, etc. But the shop, as best we can tell, is still very much open for business. Could this be an indicator of things to come? Who knows, but it’s definitely a trend that’s popped up lately.

Better to sacrifice office space than bodies.

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