ABC’s Cutting the First Ad Spot From Their Fall Premieres

By Matt Van Hoven 

Taking a cue from certain FOX and AMC programming, ABC won’t bore you with commercials like they used to &#151 at least for the first portion of their fall line-up premieres. Oh sorry, I forgot I was talking to the ad industry. You guys are at least partially responsible for this change, and as a representative of consumers everywhere, let me be the first to thank you.

This doesn’t mean I (or any other consumers) will watch ABC’s eight programs (including “Cougar Town” “Modern Family” and “The Middle”). What it does mean is longer storylines and less opportunity to walk away from the TV. But will it translate to more viewers and how much money did ABC lose by reevaluating the ad space?


“The story lines of comedies will be about three minutes longer, and those for the dramas may be as much as five minutes longer than they are normally. The opening of the dramas could run as long as 15 minutes before their first commercial. ‘FlashForward,’ ABC’s big bet for the fall, may have an opening as long as 18 minutes.”

Our expectation: three-five extra minutes could mean the difference between a show that makes a 16 episode run and one that’s cut after three, 12, etc. But of course, the programs need to be entertaining, too.

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