A Super Bowl Ad For $395,000 From A Los Angeles Ad Agency

By SuperSpy 

Embedded video from CNN Video

Maybe you’ve heard about this? If you’re like me, then you’ve been too busy fretting over bills to have picked up on an advertising agency, Cesario Migliozzi, who is offering 30 seconds of “Super Bowl Glory” for $395,000. The $395,000 price includes creative, production, and the media buy, all provided by the agency.

The agency is currently in negotiations to buy one or more 30 second spots from the NBC Television Network. Cesario Migliozzi will then package the time as a co-operative spot to eight select marketers whose logo will appear on screen for the full 30 seconds, rather than the few seconds it typically appears at the end of a stand-alone, $3,000,000 Super Bowl ad.

Get it? Crazy right? Not so crazy. According to the agency, American Apparel, Facebook, JetBlue and others are interested in the bid. Logos from all the brands will appear on the screen at the same time for the entire length of the spot. The entertainment backdrop, says Migliozzi, will mimic an old-style 1940s musical, complete with tap dancing according to Mediapost. Tap dancing? What? Oh. I can’t wait to see this one.

The Los Angeles based agency is also responsible for the video above featuring a devil pitching a Christian network. On in Los Angeles, kids. Only in Los Angeles.

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