A Summer to Stay Home For: MadMen Returns

By Matt Van Hoven 

The ad industry’s favorite 1960s era sex/booze/flannel-suit drama MadMen (thanks AMC!) returns this summer, promises some guy associated with the show.

That guy, network EVP/GM Charlie Collier, assures us that despite some kind of contract tiff between show creator Matthew Weiner and Lionsgate TV will be resolved, and as long as they can wrangle the writers to get going in the next few months everything will be fine, just fine.

Hmm, well that actually sounds really really quaky and not at all for sure but thanks for trying, Mr. Collier. I swear to gawd if I can’t watch my MadMen I’ll walk straight to California and start yelling. Yelp. That threat feels as empty as the likelihood that Weiner will suck it up and resign. Sad Friday people.

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