A Quick Update on the State of the Site (and the Comments)

By Patrick Coffee 

Hi Readers,

How are you? Did you have a good holiday break? Do you have big plans for 2015?

And how has your week been? Ours has been a little unusual.


Some things happened to the site…and you noticed! No, this was not a stunt run to see whether you were paying attention. But since you’ve been asking us a lot of questions via Twitter, email, and the anonymous tip box, we figured it would be best to explain said changes (ha ha) in a Q&A so as to best address your concerns in order of relevance.

Did you sell out?!

Technically, yes. Our parent company Mediabistro was acquired last year by Prometheus Global Media, a b2b business that also owns Adweek, The CLIO Awards, and several other major trade properties like Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

In short: while we are not owned by Adweek, we are owned by the company that owns Adweek — and that change culminated in the redesign that launched on Tuesday.

Did you kill the comments forever??

Agency PR people will be very disappointed to learn that the answer is no. It’s true that Disqus has been inconsistent this week, but it should be back to normal by next week — and as soon as it starts behaving, you can resume commenting as you see fit…with the understanding that we can delete and blacklist you if you get especially nasty or impersonate other people.

What happened to all of our old comments??

Again, to the chagrin of your agency’s PR department, your old comments are not gone for good. They’ve disappeared for the moment, but they will be back. As we explained on Twitter, the process of uploading nearly ten years’ worth of invective is taking longer than expected.

Are you interested in covering a new campaign for client X by agency Y?? Did you know that our production house signed not one but TWO new award-winning directors?? Would you like to talk to the founder of a hot new adtech startup about trends in programmatic buying?? Do you have time to meet our new client’s CEO for coffee next week?

Oh sorry, those were pitch email questions; we get a lot of them. (But the answers are: possibly, no, definitely not, and please stop asking this question.)

Are you aware that we only read this site for the comments?

No comment.

Are you going to keep forcing us to click through every post to see how many comments are in the thread?

See above.