A Little History

By SuperSpy 

Hi. Here’s a little history on this blog:

Agency Spy has always been a Mediabistro blog. We did not sell the blog or anything like that. Mediabistro has an entire blog family including TVNewser (which is huge among the boob tube crowd), the very popular Fishbowl NY, and publishing world blog, GalleyCat among many others. Agency Spy is part of this blog network.

We launched the blog on WordPress. Mediabistro wanted to see if the blog had legs, was a viable idea before integrating it into the home site. When the site proved to be a bit of a hit, Agency Spy migrated to the master site. However, at that time, the new site did not host comments nor offer full RSS feeds. Back then, I sort of, um… I launched a bit of a coup and moved the site back onto WordPress, as I was unhappy and so were the readers.

We plugged along on WordPress until the new platform for the Mediabistro site, which includes full RSS feeds and a comments program, was ready to launch. All of the blogs, including the nascent and then, WP-only blog, PRNewser, (a good read for you PR folks), were moved over to the Mediabistro home site at that time. What was that? Like, two weeks ago? In any case, I know that some of your are unhappy with the comment system. I hope that you can find a way to just create that fake Gmail account and register. It’s a one time deal. Easy peasy, right?

I cannot launch a coup this time. It’s not going to happen, so Down Low and I are asking you to accept this change. We know it’s a pain, but think of it like a shot from the doctor. It’s only going to pinch for a second and then, you’ll be registered and ready to roll. To those of you who have already signed up, thanks and it’s nice to have you with us!

Okay. So… just wanted to reach out to you guys. We’ve gotten the emails. Believe.

Super Spy