A Funny Scent Wafts Into LA Comedy Club on April Fool’s Day

By Kyle O'Brien 

There are plenty of fake scents launched on April Fool’s Day, but one new perfume has a particularly funny smell. Saturday may be April Fool’s Day, but it’s also the day that Mission Improvable’s Westside Comedy Theater in Los Angeles will be hosting its 14th anniversary party. To celebrate the occasion, Westside Comedy is launching its own signature scent, L’Humor.

The scent, developed by Milwaukee-based agency Hanson Dodge, reminds people that “something smells funny in here.”


L’Humor is billed as having:

“A waft of witticism

The sharp aroma of topical politics

A hint of puns with a bouquet of crowd work

The sweet smell of hysterical laughter.”

Supporting the fragrance are parody print and digital ads, plus social media and even sample spritzers which will be distributed to patrons attending the theater’s 14th anniversary party on April 1.

L’Humor posters.

And it’s all packaged together in a unique box set.

L’Humor packaging.

Hanson Dodge said that the campaign speaks to the bold team at the Westside Comedy Theater, where everyone who works there is also a professional comedian who performs regularly.

“From pitch through development and launch, our partners at the Westside have been collaborative, smart and just plain funny. Everyone on the project laughed throughout the creative development process, but have also been intentional about the work and what this campaign needs to achieve,” said Chris Buhrman, executive creative director at Hanson Dodge.

The product won’t be for sale, but the club hopes there is a groundswell of support from its customers and performers that might spark some interest in L’Humor. There will also be a social media campaign to promote the anniversary and the perfume.

“We have worked with our partners at Hanson Dodge to create social media engagement with our community of performers to create content both at the event we are throwing and moving forward in our green room. Our hope is that the performers enjoy creating and posting content about our fragrance L’Humor and that raises the engagement and performance of our social media posts, ads and content, ultimately resulting in more ticket sales,” said Chris Gorbos, general manager at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater.

The Westside Comedy Theater produces 60 shows a month, seven nights a week, and offers classes in standup, improv and sketch. The club has hosted big names in comedy including Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey, Dave Chappelle, Zach Galifiniakis, Ali Wong and Chris Rock, as well as incubating the next generation of up-and-coming comics and writers for over 14 years.