A Battle Brewing Between StrawberryFrog, Former CSO?

By Kiran Aditham 

About six weeks ago, we reported about the departure of Ilana Bryant, who was chief strategy officer at StrawberryFrog NY. While it seemed the door was eventually shut on the matter and both Bryant and the agency moved on, this is apparently far from the case. We here at AS have obtained a memo that SF boss Scott Goodson sent to New York staff today regarding the Bryant situation. It reads:

“Dear Frogs: a¬†former employee, Ilana Bryant, left our agency ¬†couple of months back and now she is in a contractual dispute with the agency. She is saying really negative things about the agency. These are false and baseless. She is trying to get as much as she can from us. This should not be a reflection on the success we have achieved and the hard work we have all put into our work. This company has been a success since its founding twelve years ago. We have very strong and continued relations with many clients and we remain committed to our future success and the growth of a great agency.”
But from what sources familiar with the matter tell us, Bryant isn’t spreading negative word about the agency at all but just wants what’s allegedly being held from her, which is equity. According to our sources, Ilana was a partner at SF and instrumental in developing the agency’s “Cultural Movement” brand, so if in fact she hasn’t received her due, Bryant obviously has some merit with her dispute. We hear Adweek is delving into this story as well, and as the he said-she said saga continues, hopefully we’ll be able to shed more light until the matter’s resolved.