72andSunny Waxes Nostalgic in New Spots for Samsung Galaxy Gear

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny pays homage to sci-fi and television history in their new campaign for Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The spot “Evolution” traces the evolution of wristwatch communication, from Dick Tracy and Star Trek to Inspector Gadget and even Predator. The spot ends with the text “After All These Years It’s Finally Real” before introducing Samsung’s latest product. It’s a fun way to highlight the evolution of modern technology and say “The future is now” while making Galaxy Gear seem pretty cool.

A second spot, “A Long Time Coming” pays similar homage, showing characters talking into their wrist pieces in rapid succession. It’s not quite as strong as “Evolution” and perhaps more than a touch too similar to the iPhone’s “Hello” spot, even if it does touch some similar bases.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is available now for the futuristic price of $299. Knight Rider not included. Check out the second spot and “Evolution” credits after the jump.


John Boiler- CEO, Partner

Jason Norcross- ECD, Partner

Barton Corley- Creative Director, Writer

Travis Britton- Designer


Sam Baerwald- Director of Film Production

Nicole Haase- Executive Producer

Angelo Mazzamuto- Sr. Film Producer

Jamie Glass- Film Coordinator


Executive Producer: Michael Pardee

Creative Director: Rob Trent

Lead Flame: Joey Brattesani

Flame: Michael Vaglienty, Rob Winfield, Jan Chilliers, Colleen Brattesani

CG: Piotr Karwas, Rick Grandy

Design: Tony Meister

VFX Producers: Stacy Kessler Aungst, Ryan Meredith

THE MILL: (Color)

Colorist: Adam Scott

Executive Producer: LaRue Anderson

ARCADE: (Editorial)

E.P. Managing Partner: Damian Stevens

Executive Producer: Nicole Visram

Editors: Greg Scruton

Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb


FURLINED: (Production Co)

Director: Stuart Parr

Sr. Executive Producer: David Thorne

Line Producer: Beth Aranda

Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro

Production Designer: Heidi Adams