72andSunny Speeds Things Up in Adidas Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s one that first aired last week during the NFL’s first game of the year, but we learned about it yesterday thanks to adidas.

As you’ll remember, 72andSunny’s first ad in its new client’s campaign encouraged fans to “unfollow” famous athletes like Lionel Messi and create their own identities instead.

This one is about…well, we honestly can’t quite tell what it’s about. We just know these dudes can run very fast, which makes sense because they get paid millions to do so for a living.

We almost missed “Coach Snoop Dogg” in that one.

The reason adidas pitched this ad to us is that it will air during tonight’s Thursday Night Football Broncos vs. Chiefs game. The brand ties the message here–which seems to be a variation on “you do you”–to the larger campaign in a statement:

“This new :30 adidas film titled ‘Create The New Speed’ is an inspirational and aspirational message for those who think and do things differently and for the next generation to create and showcase their own definitions of #NewSpeed.”

The hashtag hasn’t quite taken off, but at least one person is all over it.

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