72andSunny Says ‘Goodbye Big Food. Hello Real Food.’ for Tillamook

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny continues touting authenticity for Tillamook with its latest spot, “Goodbye Big Food. Hello Real Food.”

“Hey big food, we’ve had some good times,” opens the voiceover, coupled with a shot of spray cheese. “We’ve had some good times,” it goes on, “You were so colorful, so sweet.” Here the footage switches from shots of products like colorful ice cream cones and sugary breakfast cereal to an industrial assembly line. “But I’ve had enough of your artificial ingredients, enough quantity over quality.” It’s an effective transition, pivoting from the admitted appeal of certain mass-produced food items to the reality of their production. Another transition near the end of the spot moves the focus to Tillamook as a more wholesome and honest alternative, with some food porn shots of the brand’s cheese and ice cream, as well as a look at the dairy farmers (and cows) that make the brand’s products. It’s definitely a step up from last summer’s “Un-American Cheese,” which pictured Abraham Lincoln, riding a bear and deriding an orange slice of American cheese in a single plastic package. The spot made its debut during the Academy Awards last Sunday, supported by a social media element. 

“Part of the ‘Dairy Done Right’ story is showing people where food isn’t done right,” 72andSunny founder and CEO John Boiler told LBB. “These films are an important chapter in Tillamook’s fight for real food and we thought they deserved to be shared during a big cultural moment like The Academy Awards.”
“The values and ethics of our farmer-owners have been driving the success of the Tillamook brand and company for 107 years,” added Tillamook vice president, marketing, John Russell. “We believe it’s important that, at a time when people are starting to ask more and more questions about who is making their food and where it comes from, that we share these values much more loudly than we ever have in the past.”

Creative Agency: 72andSunny
CCO: Glenn Cole
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