72andSunny Quotes Pop Culture for Samsung’s New, Curvy TV

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny mined memorable moments in film, TV, and the Internet for their new campaign unveiling Samsung’s Curved UHD TV, called “The Curve Changes Everything.”

The new broadcast spot debuted last night during primetime programing including AMC’s Mad Men,  NBC’s Women of SNL, and the season finale of Fox’s execrable Family Guy, to name a few. The 60-second “The Curve Changes Everything,” mines such sources as Clueless, Jurassic ParkGravity and that screaming goat you saw on YouTube to stitch together “not only excitement for the curve and the experience, but how the curve impacts different family scenarios and living room environments.” 72andSunny worked with production company Caviar, director Rian Johnson (Looper, a couple of great episodes of Breaking Bad) and Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) to bring the spot to life.


“The Samsung Curved TV is just a beautiful object,” said Rian Johnson. “Beyond the quality of the picture, the industrial design of the TV – with its subtle curve – is really stunning when you see it up close in person. We were tasked with finding ways to show off the curve, but you really just need to point a camera at the TV and it pops off the screen. It was a pleasure to shoot.”

In addition to broadcast, the campaign also features print, digital and out of home (OOH) components. “The Curve Changes Everything” will continue to run on major networks, cable and online. Stick around for credits after the jump.


CLIENT: Samsung Electronics America

Todd Pendleton: Chief Marketing Officer

Peggy Ang: VP of Marketing

John LaVoie: Director – Brand & Consumer Marketing Communications

Nazik Almahdi: Sr. Manager, Markeitng

AGENCY: 72andSunny

John Boiler: CEO, Partner

Jason Norcross: Executive Creative Director, Partner

Bryan Rowles: Executive Creative Director, Partner

Barton Corley: Creative Director/Writer

Galen Graham: Creative Director/Designer

Ian Fairbrother: Sr. Writer

Kristina Krkljus: Sr. Designer

Sam Baerwald: Director of Film Production

Nicole Haase: Executive Film Producer

Jeff Yee: Sr. Film Producer

Lizzie Marcy: Freelance Producer

James Townsend: Managing Director

Andrew Krensky: Brand Director

Caetlyn Caldwell: Brand Coordinator

Tom Johnstone: Group Strategy Director

Hannah Devendorf: Sr. Strategist

Christine Claussen: Group Business Affairs Director

LaTanya Ware: Business Affairs Manager


Rian Johnson: Director

Michael Sagol: Executive Producer

Leigh Miller: Head of Production

Eric Escott: Line Producer

Claudio Miranda: DP

EDITORIAL: No 6 Editorial

Chan Hatcher: Editor

Crissy Desimone: Executive Producer

Kendra Desai: Post Producer

Kyle Whitmore: Assistant Editor

VFX/ANIMATION:The Mission Studios

Joey Brattesani: Lead Flame Artist

Michael Vaglienty: Esq. Flame Artist

Christopher Moore: Flame Artist

Jan Cilliers: Flame Artist

Colleen Smith: Flame Artist

Rob Winfield: Flame Artist

Trent Shumway: Flame Artist

Samir Lyons: Computer Graphics

Tony Meister: Graphic Designer

Daniel Chang: Graphic Designer

Michael Pardee: Executive Producer

Rob Trent: Creative Director

Stacy Kessler Aungst: Producer

Drew Rissman: VFX Coordinator

MIX HOUSE: Play Studios

John Bolen: Mixer

Lauren Casio: Executive Producer

Jeff King: Assistant


Stefan Sonnenfeld: Executive Producer/Colorist