72andSunny Plays Some Zeppelin in New Activision Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

Whatever our friendly readers may think about 72andSunny, the shop definitely does at least a couple of things very well: boobs and video games.

Here’s a new one for a title that we will never play called Destiny: The Taken King. Unlike many such ads, this one is live action.

The game comes out next week, but the ad airs tonight during the FOOTBALL game. In case you weren’t aware of the budget for this project, the soundtrack is “Black Dog.”

That was possibly better than the last Star Wars trailer. We would say the dialogue needs work, but this is science fiction and it’s pretty decent for a video game promo.

We do find it a little disconcerting to think about how much influence neckless wonder George Lucas has had on EVERYTHING, though. It seems impossible today to create a “good guy” robot with personality that does not closely resemble either R2-D2 or C-3PO.

J.J. Abrams has his work cut out for him. On that note, the director of this ad also helmed the recent Tron reboot, and the combined powers of Michael Sheen and Jeff Lebowski couldn’t save that sinking turd. With so many great video games on the market, why do people even watch action movies anymore?


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