72andSunny Issues ‘Progress Report’ for truth

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny launched two new spots in its “Progress Report” campaign for anti-tobacco group truth today, examining recent developments in changing attitudes towards smoking.

One spot (featured above) calls out Camel for not allowing employees to smoke at their desks. It mendaciously conflates allowing smoking indoors to “It’s okay for their customers to smoke…but not their employees?” accompanied by an annoying “mind blown” GIF, employing the kinds of manipulative tactics truth once called out the tobacco industry for. Another spot applauds Syracuse University’s recent decision to become a tobacco free campus, emphasizing that less money on cigarettes means more money for “school supplies.” The spot ends by inviting viewers to sign a petition to ban smoking on their own campuses. Both spots are clearly aimed at a young audience, inspired by Internet culture and targeting short attention spans. That makes sense, since this is the demographic most prone to take up smoking, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch for the rest of us. And with tobacco companies still wreaking havoc elsewhere in the world, you have to wonder if truth’s efforts would be better spent on targeting these shady practices, rather than focusing on the dwindling appeal of smoking domestically.


CLIENT: Legacy
CMO : Eric Asche
VP, Marketing: Nicole Dorrler
Marketing Director: Mary Dominguez
Marketing Brand Manager: Jasmin Malone

AGENCY: 72andSunny

CCO, Partner: Glenn Cole
GCD: Mick DiMaria
GCD: Justin Hooper
Lead Writer: Beau Unruh
Lead Designer: Allbriton Robbins
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Designer: Brianna Lohr

Group Brand Director: Judson Whigham
Brand Director: Kristine Soto
Brand Director: Max Kislevitz
Brand Manager: Everette Cooke
Brand Coordinator: Chelsea Gilroy

Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald
Film Producer: Thomas Martin
Film Producer: Esther Perls

Director of Business Affairs: Michelle McKinney
Business Affairs Director: Amy Jacobsen
Business Affairs Manager: Amy Shah

Group Strategy Director: Matt Johnson
Strategy Director: Kasia Molenda
Strategist: Alexandra Mathieu

Director: Roberto Serrini
Producer: Jonny Edwards
Production Manager: Michael Bergin

Editor: Jason Lewis
Executive Producer: Jenn Locke
Post Production Producer: Benjamin Bragg

Syracuse: Dawin: Just Girly Things
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Music Supervisor: Marisa Wasser