72andSunny, Google Paint Portraits of Disability Rights Activists on D.C. Steps

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny launched an outdoor campaign for Google, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act by painting portraits of historical disability rights activists on the steps of cultural landmark buildings in Washington, D.C. Among the destinations included were the Carnegie Library, SMithsonian America Art Museum, the National Museum of American History and Woodrow Wilson Plaza.

The installations ran from July 27-27, featuring such activists as Americans With Disabilities Act proponent Ed Roberts and Claudia Gordon, who was the first deaf African American female attorney in the country’s history, as well as legislators like senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. Each portrait is accompanied by a quote, such as Harkin’s, which reads, “This vital legislation will open the door to full participation by people with disabilities in our neighborhoods, workplaces, our economy, and our American Dream.”

72andSunny worked with artist Darren Booth, who completed all the illustrations, on this campaign. Supporting the outdoor work is an accompanying website, which includes more background on the campaign’s subjects, video interviews and Google map tours of the campaign’s locations.