72andSunny, Carl’s Jr. Trade Cleavage for Lil Dicky

By Erik Oster 

We’ve given Carl’s Jr. a fair share of (well-deserved) flack in the past over the brand’s reliance on supermodels and cleavage in its advertising, but it’s possible the brand and 72andSunny have finally turned a corner. The agency’s latest spot for the brand features rapper Lil Dicky (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners alum David Burd) without a single super model to be found. Arriving on the heels of an April spot promoting its pretzel breakfast sandwich featuring angry pretzel vendors and an animated December spot in collaboration with the creators of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, it seems possible the brand has dropped its old approach for good. 

In the spot, which made its broadcast debut on Monday, the “Professional Rappper & Value Aficionado” seems to parody that approach by sensually stuffing fries in his mouth. He can also be seen fanning himself with a wad of cash and bathing in a pool of pennies (eew) to promote the brand’s $4 Real Deal value combo.

The spot relies on Lil Dicky’s particular brand of goofy humor, as he eventually halts the rap music video parody to exclaim, “This is ridiculous,” before adding that it’s not as ridiculous as the deal in question, which includes a double cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich and small fries. It follows Lil Dicky’s performance in a spot from agency Colangelo for Trojan Condoms back in March. That spot seemed a little more suited to Dicky’s style, as he rambled on about a friend of his who had sex with a girl in the bathroom at bar and how everyone should practice safe sex. Still, we’ll take his neurotic approach over a reversion to Carl’s Jr.’s old antics any day. 



Creative Agency: 72andSunny
Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole
Group Creative Director: Mick DiMaria
Group Creative Director: Justin Hooper
Creative Director, Designer: Tim Wettstein
Creative Director, Writer: Mark Maziarz
Jr. Designer: Natalie Seitz
Writer: Reilly Baker
Chief Strategy Officer: Matt Jarvis
Group Strategy Director: Scott Jensen
Strategy Director: Kasia Molenda
Jr. Strategist: Alexandria Mathieu
Group Brand Director: Alexis Coller
Group Brand Director: Mike Parseghian
Brand Director: Michal David
Brand Manager: Ali Arnold
Brand Coordinator: Joshua Noa
Chief Production Officer: Tom Dunlap
Film Producer: Brooke Horne
Jr. Film Producer: Kira Linton
Film Production Coordinator: Ian Donnelly
Business Affairs Director: Amy Jacobsen
Business Affairs Manager: Jennifer Jahinian
Business Affairs Coordinator: Joseph Pereira

Production Company: Fancy Content
Line Producer: John Hardin
Executive Producer: Robert Wherry, Adam Bloom
Director: Chris Applebaum

Music And Sound
Sound Mix: Chris Winston
Sound Design: Chris Winston

Producer: Joe Ross
Editor: Rachael Waxler
Edit Company: Union Editorial

Producer: Diana Young
Post Production House: Brickyard VFX
Visual Effects Artist: George Fitz

Client: CKE Restaurants
Chief Executive Officer: Andy Puzder
Chief Marketing Officer: Brad Haley
SVP, Product Development: Bruce Frazer
Director of Advertising: Brandon LaChance
VP, Media Merchandising: Steve Lemley
Director, Product Marketing & Merchandising: Christie Cooney
Product Marketing Manager: Allison Pocino
Public Relations Specialist: Claire Eastburn