72andSunny Amsterdam Encourages Young Olympians to Obsess Over Social Media

By Patrick Coffee 

Did you know that the Youth Winter Olympics will take place later this month in Lillehammer, Norway? Neither did we. But they will, and everyone’s favorite client Samsung is your corporate sponsor for 2016.

The tech company has lots of bells and whistles planned for Scandinavia like “the first ever Olympic ceremony streamed live in VR” and other stuff for which “viewers will need a Samsung phone and compatible VR gear,” of course.

The hashtag #ILoveYOG is allowing young Olympians to act like the dorks they are:

…and 72andSunny Amsterdam launched its corresponding anthem ad today.

Interesting how the spot both disses teens’ reliance on social media approval and encourages them to share their successes on Instagram.

It’s in keeping with the Dutch office’s inspirational you-too-may-get-laid-one-day AXE Super Bowl ad as well as its recent Samsung work focusing on a bunch of surfers (which would seem to be the furthest thing from consumer tech).

“Even losers win” is a genre unto itself. W+K’s “Jogger” ads for Nike may be the most prominent example, but you’ll all probably disagree on that point.