360i New York Welcomes Coffee Mate’s New ‘Holiday Flavors Expert’ to L.A.

By Patrick Coffee 

This summer, digital shop 360i earned some attention for client Coffee Mate in a very old school way: with gratuitous nudity!

Those painted butt cheeks were good for a few headlines, but the agency went in another direction entirely with its new campaign, which focuses on the client’s newest fictional hire: “Holiday Flavors Expert” Joel Hubbard.

He’s totally on brand and he’s all about facilitating some of that integrated multi-platform storytelling action. He also happens to be “a multicultural ginger bread man,” which we take to mean that his heritage is both German and Austrian (you know–ginger bread houses, etc.).

Dude is new to L.A., so go easy on him.

Seems Coffee Mate will be running a bunch of Joel-centric content over the next couple of months as its newest flavor savior reminds the public that not everything tastes like pumpkin in the flavored caffeine delivery system marketing…there’s also eggnog.

360i tells us that the cinnamon-flavored bro “will be featured on the brand’s digital and social channels, in TV spots and as a part of in-store activations. He may even make an appearance with a well-known influencer – stay tuned.”

We know that he loves Star Wars, though he has yet to share his opinions on other trending topics like, say, Baby Hitler. We also know that he’s even better at being a compelling dinner guest than he is at being a corporate storyteller/story strategist/VP of flavors.

How can #GingerbreadJoel not be a little biased toward the flavor that shares his name?

More content to come.