2009 One Show Jury Selected

By Matt Van Hoven 

Sorry to keep you waiting, but we just received the list. Without further commotion, here’s your 2009 One Show Design judge list.

Alan Aboud &#151 Aboud Creative (London, United Kingdom)
Rene Clement &#151 Paprika (Montreal, Canada)
Lisa Greenberg &#151 Gee Jeffery & Partners (Toronto, Canada)
Tim Guy &#151 Factor Design (San Francisco,USA)
Kit Hinrichs &#151 Pentagram (San Francisco, USA)
Bjorn Kusoffsky &#151 Stockholm Design Lab (Stockholm, Sweden)
John Norman &#151 Wieden+Kennedy (Amsterdam)
Jon Olsen &#151 Sandstrom Partners (Portland, USA)
Nathan Reddy &#151 GRID Worldwide (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Chuck Tso &#151 BBDO (New York, USA)

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