19 Things Advertising Can Look Forward To In 2009

By SuperSpy 

The problem right now? A crisis of confidence. The markets is still in a slump and really, what is there to look forward to in 2009? AdAge has assembled a list of 19 things for you to find a little solace in as we head into the new year of business. “Ad Age decided to go digging for some areas that might provide opportunities for the marketing and media industries to not only survive, but even thrive in 2009.” It’s a nice list. I would include Muslim Marketing and Gaming, but that’s me. Do you think they left anything off?

1. Washington
2. Package Goods
4. Beer
5. Online Video
6. Hispanics
7. E-Books
8. Public Relations
9. Cable TV, Marketing Consultancy
10. Digital Out Of Home
11. Mobile
12. Pet Care
13. Marketing Analytics
14. CBS
15. Luxury Recycling
16. China
17. Package and Fast Food
18. Online Coupons
19. Gun Sales

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