180LA Mocks Trump for 360fly

By Erik Oster 

In the latest ad alluding to the 2016 Presidential Election, 180LA mocks Donald Trump and his border wall plan in “The Wall” for camera company 360fly.

The spot imagines a future where Trump is president and his border wall a reality, as Trump gives a self-congratulatory speech at the wall’s unveiling. An audience member, meanwhile, uses a 360fly camera’s 360-degree capabilities to capture all the action that Trump seems oblivious to.

While Trump is both an obvious and deserving target for satire, this particular parody falls a bit flat (the Mexican stereotypes certainly don’t help), although the actor portraying Trump does seem to have some of his mannerisms down and the speech does fit the familiar pattern from the prospective GOP nominee. Anything Trump-related is likely to garner its fair share of interest, and while there’s a certain risk it could obscure, rather than highlight, the brand in question, 180LA ties things to 360fly well, at least, with the “Get a broader perspective” tagline.

“The idea of building a wall is so narrow-minded, it deserves to be lampooned,” 180LA CCO William Gelner told Adweek. “And it’s perfect for making the point about the importance of having a bigger perspective, which is the promise of the camera. Essentially, this is just a product demo spot dropped into the middle of a highly charged political issue. The spot demonstrates just how ridiculous and narrow-minded the notion is of building a wall. Broaden out a little—life’s too big for one perspective.”



Client: 360FLY
CEO: Peter Adderton
Chief Marketing Officer: Todd Waks
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Anderson

Agency: 180LA
Global CEO: Mike Allen
Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner
Creative Director/Art Director: Adam Groves
Creative Director/Copywriter: Zac Ryder
Managing Director: Chad Bettor
Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley
Executive Producer: Calleen Colburn
Brand Director: Mike Slatkin
Head of Business Affairs: Loretta Zolliecoffer

Production Co.: MJZ
Director: Mike Maguire
President: David Zander
DP: Bob Richardson
Sr. Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins
Line Producer: Tracy Broaddus
Production Designer: Alexis Ross
Stylist: Ric Renae Hughes
Shoot Location: Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley
Shoot Date: May 9, 2016

Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Rick Lawley
Executive Producer: Joni Wright
Producer: Jennifer Mersis
Assistant Editor: Lauren Richardson

Online/VFX: The Mill NY
Executive Producer: Sean Costelloe
Producer: Jacqueline Sand
Color Producer: Diane Valera
Colourist: Adam Scott
VFX Supervisors: Jade Kim, Steve Cokonis
2D lead: Jade Kim
3D lead: Wyatt Saverese
2D artists: Sung Eun Moon, Alex Wysota, Mina Mir, Yoon-Sun Bae
3D artists: Christine Kim, Todd Akita, Cole Clark, Tim Kim, Ivan Joy
Finishing artist: Lee Towndrow
Recording Mix
Recording Studio: Eleven Sound
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Executive Producer: Suzanne Hollingshead/Melissa Elston
Assistant Mixers: A.J. Murillo, Jordan Meltzer