180 Amsterdam’s New Campaign Positions PS4 as ‘For The Players,’ Not the Player-Haters

By Erik Oster 

Last month, “#4ThePlayers Since 1995” had us feeling all kinds of nostalgia for Playstation memories from bygone eras. Now, 180 Amsterdam looks toward the future with their “For The Players” international PS4 campaign targeting the Christmas gift market.

The integrated campaign runs in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and the Middle East, comprising “teasers, events and an interactive social media experience ‘The Players Monument” (playstation.com/4theplayers) where people can declare themselves players, adding themselves to a digital interactive monument, and becoming part of the PS4 community.” Make no mistake, this is a huge campaign, one of the most anticipated of the year.


The sentiment behind the campaign is that the design of Sony’s next-gen system centers around the player. Unlike recent Xbox One spots, which emphasize the system’s capabilities as an entertainment system with multiple uses, Sony is very clearly positioning PS4 as a gaming system. While Microsoft attempts to scoop up the casual “attach this to your TV for a high-quality Netflix/Blu-ray player that you can play games with as well” market, Sony is going for the gamers.

The spot features a first person perspective through an immersive world where multiple gaming worlds have been set free. You’ll recognize some of “the most famous heroes and villains ever to play a part in PlayStation’s” gaming worlds throughout the ads scenarios. I won’t give away too much, as spotting these for yourself is part of the fun. It’s a great way to build anticipation from nostalgia, and look toward the future as the spot highlights upcoming PS4 titles as well. The spot was shot in Budapest by director Scott Lyon for production company Outsider. Al Moseley, President & Chief Creative Officer, 180 Amsterdam described the campaign as “drenched in gaming culture, incredible effects and with every detail and every pixel it delivers to the true gamer.” If all that’s not enough to get you excited for the PS4, this should be. Credits after the jump.Credits:

Agency Credits

Executive Creative Director Al Moseley
Creative Directors Graeme Hall, Martin Terhart
Art Director Ed Ryder
Copywriter Enrique Reija
Agency Producer Olivier Klonhammer
Group Account Director Nicole Reid
Account Director Gemma Knox
Account Manager Simone Raspagni
Planning Director Jonas Vail
Planner Shawn Bohigian
Project Director Meredith Bergonzi
Production Company Outsider
Director Scott Lyon
Producer Zeno Campbell-Salmon
EditingEditors WorkpostRich Orrick & Charlie Moreton
Post-ProductionLead Artist3D ArtistsProducerSound Design/Mix

Music Track


Campaign Credits

Electric Theatre CollectiveGiles CheethamRemi Dessinges & James SindleLee PaveyWave Studios: Parv Thind

Calypso by Blonde Acid Cult


Online Easter Egg ExperienceOnline Players Monument ProductionPrint Photographer (Hero Gamer)Teaser Production BiborgMediaMonksSonia Mangiapane180 Amsterdam


Client Credits


Vice President Marketing Usama Al Qassab
Marketing Director Isabelle Tomatis
Senior Brand Manager Adam Grant