180 Amsterdam Tests Stoners for Moyee Coffee

By Kiran Aditham 

In an effort to show that their city should be known for its coffee just as much as its coffee shops (pretty tall order), 180 Amsterdam has unveiled a new campaign for java brand Moyee that’s aimed squarely at those with a tendency to indulge.

Aptly dubbed “Under the Influence,” the agency’s effort capitalizes on research that suggests cannabis heightens one’s sense of taste and smell — so what better scenario than to invite users to taste some brew while high?

You’ll see the results in the two-minute clip, shot in an interview style that almost makes viewers feel like witnesses to multiple therapy sessions (the descriptions are just as you’d expect).

Regardless, it’s an interesting way to deviate from the usual Amsterdam cliches while also promoting a coffee brand that works with Ethiopian entrepreneurs and aims to create “radical social impact” along the way.

In a statement, Moyee Coffee founder Guido van Staveren van Dijk says:

“Our campaigns always play into a relevant topic. Cannabis may be tolerated in Holland, but it remains a sensitive topic here. You could even say that, by legalising cannabis, Colorado and Oregon have out-liberalised Holland. ‘Under the Influence’ is our playful way of tapping into the public debate.”

More info about the campaign here.

Client Moyee Coffee
Founder Guido van Staveren van Dijk
Creative Director John Weich

Agency 180 Amsterdam
President & Chief Creative Officer
Al Moseley

Creative Director
Martin Beswick

Art Director
Stephane Lecoq

Junior copywriter
Ben Langeveld

Junior Art Director
Ingmar Larsen

Account team
Dan Colgan

Claire Ford

Assistant Producer
Davide Janssen

Strategy team
Paul Chauvin and Vincent Johnson


Tobias Pekelharing

Executive Producer
Daphne Story

Fiona Fuchs

Post-production company
MPC Amsterdam

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