180 Amsterdam, REPLAY Redefine Fundamental Law of the (Fashion) Universe

By Erik Oster 

180 Amsterdam launched a new spot for fashion brand REPLAY, promoting its new Hyperskin line of jeans which break a fundamental law of the universe: that you can’t work out in denim.

The spot opens with a voiceover addressing the three fundamental laws of the universe: “You can’t live forever, you can’t go faster than the speed of light and you can’t work out in jeans.” The remainder of the online spot deals with showing how the brand has broken the last of these. Supermodel Irina Shayk walks into a gym, wearing jeans and (gasp) begins doing yoga. Gradually, other gym-goers realize what is happening and their heads explode, showering the floors with confetti. At the conclusion, Shayk, realizing she has murdered an entire gym full of people, quickly leaves the crime scene as the voiceover announces REPLAY is “Introducing a fundamental change to the universe,” also introducing the hashtag “#JeansYouCanWorkOutIn.” In addition to the online spot, 180 Amsterdam’s integrated campaign also includes print and in-store executions.

“We’re hyper proud to be introducing the new Hyperskin,” said REPLAY CEO Matteo Sinigaglia. “Wellness is no longer a trend; it’s the perfect balance between body, soul and the environment: it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle. REPLAY took this as an inspiration to merge it with its denim DNA and created Hyperskin: a revolutionary product able to combine performance, lightweight and 100% natural fibers.”

CEO – Matteo Sinigaglia
Director of Communications – Lorenza De Mattia


President and Chief Creative Officer – Al Moseley
Managing Director – Stephen Corlett
Executive Creative Directors – Dan Treichel & Dave Canning
Creative Directors – Martin Beswick & Stephane Lecoq
Graphic Designer – Kate Shearer
Brand Director – Katharina Schablitzki
Account Manager – Nicole Scopes
Planner – Clare Satterthwaite
Producer – Meredith Bergonzi
Business Affairs – Pamela Villaflores

Print Production
Photographer – George Harvey, London
Retouching – Jan Willem Dijkstra @ Left Hand Retouch

Film Production
Production Company – Good Egg, London
Director – Tell No One
DP – Ben Fordesman
Producer – Malachy McAnenny
Executive Producer – Julia Reed
Casting – Sophie North @ Sophie North Casting
Editing – Final Cut, London
Editor – Suzy Davis
Assistant Editor – Peter O’Donovan
Offline Producer – Frankie Elster
Post Production – MPC, London
Flame Supervisor – Iain Murray
Online Producer – Hannah Ruddleston
Sound – Randall MacDonald @ Wave Studios