With Global Brand Refresh, Heinz Creates a Consistent Look for Its Ketchup, Mayo and Beans

The new approach will cover its entire product portfolio, spanning more than 20 categories

Jones Knowles Ritchie has given Heinz a global refresh. Heinz

Unless you’re a design pro you might not have noticed that the Heinz logo, along with the typeface on packaging, hasn’t always been completely uniform.

Until now, the global food giant–which has products spanning 20 categories, including pantry staples like ketchup, beans and mayonnaise–has used variations of branding, with the Heinz logo appearing sometimes on a curve, sometimes straight, or sometimes typed in lower or upper case.

London-based global agency Jones Knowles Ritchie has given Heinz’s entire portfolio a makeover with a new, consistent brand identity across all products. The agency has refreshed the logo and visual identity of the Heinz brand to create a set of uniform, “cohesive” assets to be used across packaging, as well as brand marketing across all markets.

Products with the new branding have already hit shelves, with the global roll out set to be complete in the coming weeks.

The Heinz “keystone” label outline has also been given a consistent look with uniform shape and proportions. The logo is a nod to Heinz’ roots in Pennsylvania–known as The Keystone State–and, the agency said, is going to play a bigger role in brand marketing and ads.

The agency has turned the outline into a brand asset that can be used to frame Heinz’s products, and come to be more strongly associated with the Heinz brand.

“Heinz is a brand for everyone, loved by everyone. You can find it in Michelin-starred restaurants through to roadside cafes around the world,” said Jonny Spindler, managing director at Jones Knowles Ritchie. “With that in mind, we wanted to create brand unification across categories, geographies and brand experience touch points so that no matter how or where you. experience Heinz, you’re able to celebrate its simple greatness.”

Victoria Sjardin, vp of international marketing at Kraft Heinz, added: “We know that iconic, distinctive assets are key to enhancing the effectiveness of your brand through all channels—whether that be paid, earned or owned. Working with JKR, we have created a cohesive set of assets that will help align the Heinz brand across all markets, uniting everyone behind the brand purpose to help deliver growth long term.”

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