Why Working Moms Can’t Have It All, From a Working Mom Who Tried to Achieve the Impossible

Try as you might, it will always feel like you’re sacrificing something

A woman is at her desk behind her laptop with her lamp next to her; the woman is asleep daydreaming of having fun in the summer
While it's nice to entertain the idea that we can have it all, it's often not realistic. Getty Images

When I had my fourth child, I decided that I would be bringing him to work with me every day. I had him on a Friday and started working from home on Monday. As the owner of a company, it was a privilege that I am acutely aware of. At no point did I look at that and say, “Oh, every woman should do this!” It is completely impractical for most people. I brought my mom with me to help; I did conference calls while nursing and changed diapers when I wasn’t doing notes. It was a new reality but one I fully embraced.

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