Why These Ad Students Are Really, Really Obsessed With One Droga5 Exec in Particular

The creepier way to land an internship (or not)

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UPDATE: Well, it worked. They’ve been accepted as interns at Droga5. Original story below: 

You’re an aspiring ad maven looking for a big break, or at the very least, somewhere to hang your hat and make a mark this summer. What do you do?

Work like a dog? Outsmart your competitors? Get your portfolio in order? Well, if you’re a couple of Miami Ad School students in New York, you target your potential employer—personally—and shoot videos about her Twitter feed.

What could go wrong?

Ben Brown, a budding copywriter, knows this approach “could come across as a little creepy,” he told AdFreak. But he and his partner, Jackie Moran, zeroed in on Droga5’s creative coordinator Chloe Harlig as an experiment of sorts in microtargeting.

With so many people to impress and myriad opinions to consider as Mad-Men-in-training, the pair decided to “let go of all that and appeal to the narrowest possible target demographic—the person who actually selects interns at Droga5.”

She’s the only one you have to convince, Brown said. And he and Moran, who’s studying art direction, really, really want an internship at the renowned ad shop.

Lucky you, Chloe Harlig, who now has a clever, off-kilter video series based on her Twitter musings about potatoes at brunch, Beyoncé, the Rockettes wearing Yeezys and fresh air from Oregon. Her public account, by the way, likely won’t remain so.

No word yet on Brown and Moran’s unconventional job application, shot recently in Times Square and their school’s studio. But if they don’t land the Droga internship, they may turn their laser focus to other ad execs.

Says Brown, not at all menacingly: “Perhaps we have a whole series of weirdly invasive videos in us.”

UPDATE: Harlig got in touch with Brown and Moran, and they have a Skype call scheduled for Wednesday.

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