Watch This Agency Recruiter Give Resume Advice to Recent Grads

What's in your CV could make or break getting a job interview

Video: Josh Rios/Breana Mallamaci; Editor: Breana Mallamaci
Headshot of Joshua Rios

For many graduates, a resume is your first introduction to what might be your first job. But what are the most important things to include, and what can be left out?

On Twitter recently, we put out the call for resumes for recent grads who are looking to work in advertising and brand marketing and got about two dozen responses. We then asked Beth Armstrong, associate director of recruitment at VaynerMedia, to look over several of the CVs, with the candidates’ permission.

In this video, Armstrong pulls out her red pen to highlight what works and what doesn’t for these job seekers.

@joshochos Josh is a video producer at Adweek.