This Unnerving Political Ad Uses a Visual Metaphor That Will Stay With You

It was created as an unofficial side project by W+K employees

The spot is an unofficial PSA supporting Via @TrashEagleUSA on Twitter
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The bald eagle has always been a complicated icon of the United States. Ben Franklin famously referred to it as a “bird of bad moral character” due to its nature as a scavenger that would take food from other predators because the eagle is “too lazy to fish for himself.”

But Franklin’s judgmental anthropomorphizing aside, the bald eagle is unquestionably a noble creature to see in nature. (Full disclosure: I watched one yesterday soaring over a river surrounded by fall colors, and it was a simply breathtaking sight.)

A new political ad combines both the majesty and the scavenger nature of the bald eagle in a way that will straight up break your heart. Created as an unofficial side project by a team of Wieden+Kennedy colleagues, the spot uses real footage to create an indelible metaphor.

The spot, ending with the line, “If you’re not living in the America you want, vote,” is in support of but was not officially sanctioned by the nonpartisan organization.

The creative team also launched a Twitter handle for the project, with a bio that’s more blunt about its message: “I’m a metaphor for what Republicans have done to America.”


Creative Team:
Britton Taylor
Becca Wadlinger
Hal Curtis
Brad Trost
Molly Tanen
Matt Hunnicutt
Editing and Mix:
Jb Jacobs (Joint Editorial)
Leslie Carthy (Joint Editorial)
Natalie Huizenga (Joint Editorial)
Title Design: Brad Trost
Music: We Are Walker
BA: Karen Crossley

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."