This Cheesy Rock Ballad Pokes Fun at Other More Cliche, Greenwashed Ads

Humanaut adds another fun client in the natural and organic space

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Rocking out to shopping right. Merryfield
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Please don’t sing about “shopping with conviction” and “fixing the food system” while farm fresh pastoral scenes flash in the background. That could be advertising—vaguely and euphemistically—any number of healthy or earth-friendly products.

Maybe it’s time to just get to the point already?

Humanaut, a boutique agency based in Tennessee, manages to do both in its cheeky first work for a shopping app called Merryfield. It introduces an over-earnest ballad and a hippie crooner—note his wavy, free-flowing hair and beaded necklaces—to describe the new piece of tech.

Except he’s wasting time on cliche and artifice and confusing his target consumers, who ask whether Merryfield is a field or a co-op they can join. In the 90-second spot and its trimmed down version, a kid comes up with his own shorthand: “It’s a no-crap clean shopping app.”

And indeed it is. Merryfield, a month-old startup, rewards shoppers who buy so-called clean products from brands like Applegate, Beyond Meat, Hello Bello, Justin’s, Stoneyfield Organic, Vital Proteins and others.

To qualify, they need to download the app and scan their receipts, then the app picks out and records their clean purchases. Consumers can rack up rewards points that can be redeemed for gift cards at Sephora, Panera Bread, REI and other retailers.

The satirical approach, which is meant to “skewer the typically cheesy, do-gooder marketing in the better-for-you food and household goods sector,” is Humanaut’s way of explaining Merryfield’s concept to an audience that’s outside the typical Whole Foods realm.

The agency has several clients in the natural and organic space, such as Suja and Splenda Stevia, that they help “think outside that bubble to reach the Target or Walmart shopper,” said Andrew Clark, chief strategy officer. “This is a group that increasingly cares about all that good stuff but doesn’t have the patience for a lecture about sustainability or the evils of high fructose corn syrup.”

Merryfield is a new client for the agency, by way of another brand on its roster, Only Organic, which brought the two together. The tech company has assembled a clean council with a former Whole Foods exec, a registered dietician and other experts to scrutinize labels of everyday grocery, beauty and pet food products and identify the ones that meet their clean criteria.

“Now more than ever, many people want to invest in their own health and wellness but they don’t have time to do the research and they also have budget constraints,” said David Mayer, Merryfield founder and CEO. ”Merryfield does the homework for shoppers and rewards them every time they buy products without all the artificial junk and unwanted chemicals.”

“Welcome to Merryfield,” says the brand’s first ad and the agency’s largest pandemic-era production, which will run on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hulu and YouTube.


Client: Merryfield

Agency: Humanaut, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Chief Creative Director: David Littlejohn
Chief Strategy Officer: Andrew Clark
Executive Producers: Tommy Wilson, Dan Jacobs
Creative Director: Nathan Dills
Associate Creative Director: Bethany Maxfield
Copywriters: Nathan Dills, Emily DeMario, Steven Preisman
Creative Producer: Jes Shipley
Brand Producer: Fritsl Butler

Production Company: Humanaut
Director: Dan Jacobs
Producer: Tommy Wilson
Assistant Director: Rachel Bohanon
Senior Art Director: Carrie Warren
Associate Producer: Thomas Stroud
Production Coordinator: Rosie Graber
Director of Photography: Annie Huntington, Victor Tyler
Post Producer: Kyler Potter
Editor: Jeri Eduave
Sound Mixing: Daniel Cooper
Original Musical Composition: Barbra Lica
Music Production: Summer Dregs

@TLStanleyLA T.L. Stanley is a senior editor at Adweek, where she specializes in consumer trends, cannabis marketing, meat alternatives, pop culture, challenger brands and creativity.