This Art Director Created a Series of Agency-Themed Bloody Mary Mixes to Score a Job

Sadly, her resume does not include vodka

Jessica Stahl / Get Bloody Creative
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The ad agency world provides more than its share of creative job applicants ranging from the woman who used a LEGO-themed resume to score a BBDO internship to the guy who posed as a San Francisco donut deliveryman in order to worm his way into tech and marketing companies across the Bay Area last year.

But can those efforts—brilliant as they may be—cure your Wednesday morning hangover?

Jessica Stahl

American-born art director Jessica Stahl came up with a particularly ingenious way to get a new gig at one of the five hottest agencies in Amsterdam by appealing to the two things that make them run: disruptive thinking and tomato juice … the latter paired with generous amounts of vodka.

Get Bloody Creative includes entries for the Amsterdam offices of Wieden+Kennedy, 72andSunny, Anomaly, 180 and SuperHeroes.

Stahl described the project as “a way to provide something of value to advertising execs in Amsterdam while simultaneously showing off my talent,” with the value in question being a bit of relief for creatives who may have taken one dip too many into the watering hole last night.

“Now when you roll into work feeling like shit on a Friday morning you can nurse your hangover and restore your creativity to its full potential,” the site reads.

By her own account, the art director found herself in Amsterdam several months ago after leaving her New York agency job to take that requisite backpacking trip around the world. And like so many in this business, Stahl perfected her inventive response to a challenging job market “over a few tipsy afternoons in my kitchen.”

Of course, the mixes are themed. The 72andSunny variety includes “bright, tropical flavors” while Stahl flavors the Anomaly variety with a classic “smoky” jalapeno recipe.

Gawkers interested in sampling these artisanal concoctions need only invite Stahl in for an interview. And her full-time employment all but guarantees a custom hangover cure every Friday.

The stunt has yet to secure a gig with one of her choice shops, but we are frankly impressed that she put the entire thing together on her own, from the felt mini-Nikes to 18o’s bloody Indonesian twist, which stems from the agency headquarters’ history.

Cheers to that, but drink responsibly: we still have to go to work tomorrow.

Jessica Stahl

Jessica Stahl

Jessica Stahl

Jessica Stahl

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.