This Agency Turned Its Office Into a Crazy Airbnb That Got Jonathan Mildenhall’s Attention

Will the stunt give OH Partners a shot in brand’s review?

This Phoenix agency went to extreme lengths to get Airbnb's CMO to call them. OH Partners
Headshot of Katie Richards

An 80-person agency in Phoenix called OH Partners managed to pull off quite a stunt in the last 24 hours, all in the name of getting Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall’s attention.

Not only did the agency convert its office space into a “Spacious Phoenix penthouse suite” Airbnb listing—complete with one comfy bed fit for a brand CMO, a cold brew tap and three disco balls—OH Partners also hosted a 24-hour livestream, hoping to capture Mildenhall’s attention along the way.

After seeing Airbnb was looking for a new creative shop, and the agency “immediately got excited because that’s one of the brands we have on our love-to-have list,” Sam Lowy, a junior copywriter at OH Partners and star of the livestream, said.

The team started to dive into Airbnb and Mildenhall a bit more to figure out the brand’s marketing philosophy. After all that, the agency came up with its 24-hour lifestream extravaganza in the office and got to thinking, if you had 24 hours in Phoenix, what would you do?

OH Partners had all of its staffers think of anyone interesting and entertaining they knew in the Phoenix area—from baristas and radio personalities to flamenco dancers and comedians. Throughout the 24 hours, the agency brought in special guests to hang out with Lowy or answer a few questions on camera. OH Partners tweeted highlights throughout the day using their campaign hashtag, #JonathanCallScott.

“Airbnb is all about user generated content so we wanted to create something that was user generated and authentic to show that we get the brand,” Scott Harkey, president of OH Partners, said.

Mildenhall caught wind of the livestreamed stunt, liking and eventually engaging with the agency’s tweets. At the end of the stream, OH Partners managed to even secure a phone call with Mildenhall—a nice surprise for Lowy who had no idea that the agency connected with the Airbnb CMO, making the whole 24-hour stream worthwhile.

“As a Phoenix agency we are hungry. There are a lot of New York and Los Angeles agencies that you hear about but we wanted to show we could be creative and we could understand, with limited time and research, what Airbnb’s brand essence could be,” Harkey added.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.