This Agency Art Director Is Looking for a New Creative Partner—in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

He's posted in a window offering a 'chance for a long-term coupling'

180 Amsterdam's stunt might seem crazy, but then again, it might work. 180 Amsterdam
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Amsterdam is famous for several very distinctive things: its timeless waterways, its graceful cathedrals, its legal pot shops and its lively red light district.

One agency is making use of that last one to solve an industry-specific problem—finding a new junior copywriter.

Junior art director Ross Weaver is the newest member of 180 Amsterdam’s creative department, and he needs a partner. So, his agency planned a stunt so crazy and shameless it just might work. Or maybe not.

According to the agency, Weaver is situating himself in one of the district’s famous windows to advertise his “services” and offer “the chance for a long-term coupling.”

Is the stunt real? More importantly, does that even matter?

“Ross is a tender and generous art director—he deserves to share his late nights concepting with someone special,” said chief creative officer Al Moseley. So, it would seem, the agency is all in.

You might ask how people who make a legitimate living in the red light district might respond to such a project, but it’s not clear whether any of them were available for comment.


Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley
Managing Director: Stephen Corlett
Senior Copywriter: Wawa Wang
Senior Art Director: Rachel Kennedy
Art Director: Ross Weaver
Head of TV / Production: Bethany Papenbrock
Producer: Jordan Cross
Editor: Hilco Beukena, Fiona Fuchs
DOP: Hilco Beukena
Designer: James Crossley
Project Manager: Suzy Lucker
Business Affairs: Sarah Gough 

Production company: Operator Studios
Head Content Developer: Maarten Sundermann
Art Department Assistants: Lucienne van der Keulen, Amber van Winssen

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.