These 2 Agency Creatives Crafted Their Own Line of Honest, Funny Mother’s Day Cards

Copywriter Taylor Black and art director Clare Jensen are behind the project

The collection includes 9 cards with the type of blunt honesty around motherhood you won't find in stores. All images; Honest Mother's Day Cards
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Let’s face it, Mother’s Day comes with a lot of nonsense—and those ridiculous Hallmark cards certainly aren’t helping.

So Mother L.A. copywriter Taylor Black and art director Clare Jensen decided to create their own, freeing the holiday of the superfluous nonsense with a batch of Mother’s Day cards that aim to be blunt and honest.

“Clare and I were talking about what we’re doing for our moms on Mother’s Day and both felt like nothing out there—no gift or card—captured the true, honest sentiment of what we’re truly grateful for and love about our moms,” Black told Adweek. “That’s when we had the idea to just make our own cards. Cards that were honest, full of personality and able to cut through the bullshit—because let’s be honest, there’s no bullshitting mom.”

The creative duo started working on the project around a month ago, when they realized they didn’t have any cards or gifts planned for Mother’s Day. They explained that Mother (the agency, that is) is very supportive of creative side projects and encouraged them to take on such challenges in spare moments in between client work.

“On this project, it was just two close friends, working together to make what they want, in its purest form,” Black said, explaining the different between such a side project and client assignments. “Also no HR department on personal projects totally changes the game, as I think you can see.”

Taylor Black and Clare Jensen

The collection includes nine cards with the type of blunt honesty around motherhood you won’t find in stores. These range from the right-to-the-point “Thank You for Pushing My Skull Out of Your Vagina,” and “Thanks For Getting Me Out of Dad’s Balls” to apologies for the resulting stretch marks, watered down liquor, stress lines and nipple biting, to a nod to mom’s sandwich-making skills.

Visitors to the website can choose to print, download or email each card, the page for which also contains a brief humorous writeup and creative credits.

“Look, mom should be celebrated way more than just one day out the year, no doubt. But we’re definitely not mad at the fact that a single day exists for us to stop and appreciate the woman who brought us into this world,” Jensen said. “We just feel like if we’re going to make a stink about it and do something for mom on this day, doing it with honesty and personality is what she’d appreciate most.”

“An honest tone is the most meaningful tone,” Black added.

Their moms appreciate the sentiment.

“Both of our moms love a little (thoughtful) attention so the combo of nine unique cards, all inspired by them, and their pictures on the ‘about’ page, made it a recipe for Mother’s Day gold,” Black said.

And yes, both of their moms will be receiving at least one of these cards for Mother’s Day.

The project has generated a positive reception more broadly as well, enough so that Jensen and Black are considering making cards for other occasions as well.

@ErikDOster Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.