Sandra Oh Politely Insists You Travel Like a Canadian in Spot for Air Canada

The actress reminds you to share customs, instead of griping over them

Canadian-American actress Sandra Oh is the star of Air Canada
Canadian-American actress Sandra Oh is the star of Air Canada's latest campaign. Air Canada
Headshot of Shannon Miller

When you’re breezing through Instagram photos of friends lounging on the beaches of Cozumel, waving from Times Square, or watching the sun set over Santorini, it’s very easy to overlook all the bumpier moments that led to that picturesque moment. Even for the most seasoned globetrotters among us, little can erase the dread of flying. Still, it is remarkable how the kindness of fellow travelers or attentive customer service from an airline can make the experience significantly less hellish.

Air Canada and Emmy-nominated actress Sandra Oh appear to have the solution, per their newest partnered campaign: “Travel Like A Canadian.”

That could include any number of seemingly benevolent stereotypes, from being unrelentingly polite to settling a childish dispute with a fresh batch of poutine. Oh, who is Canadian-American, is an expert airport navigator, connecting with kindness with other passengers from around the world and “help bring the world a little more Canada.”

The effort marks the beginning of a new campaign that will feature celebrities willing to show off just what it means to take to the skies the Canadian way.

“We’re excited to have created a platform for Canadians like Sandra Oh to tell the world about the values that make our country great,” said Andy Shibata, managing director of brand at Air Canada. “The Travel Like a Canadian campaign is an opportunity to share how Canadian values like multiculturalism, openness, compassion and equality make us some of the best travelers in the world.”

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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.