Q&A: CEO Lynn Power on Gender and Diversity at JWT After the Big Lawsuit

And how the internal and external perceptions of the agency differ

Adweek: What are you doing to encourage diversity and gender equality at JWT’s New York office?
Lynn Power: We talk a lot about diversity as a business driver—also because our world today, sadly, is more divided than ever and it’s important to recognize that it’s not just about what we think about in New York or the coasts. There’s lots of different opinions out there and there’s lots of different people out there and we need to reflect those opinions and people and consumers and humans in the work that we do. So the best way to do that is to embrace diversity of thinking, diversity of different types of people across all walks of life, and finding ways to bring people in that may not have thought of advertising as a place that they were logically drawn to or their first thing that they wanted to do.

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