Pereira O’Dell Curated a Network of Creators to Produce On-Demand Social Content for Brands

Briefly fills the need for marketers to constantly feed their various channels

Pereira O'Dell is building out its network of creators, Briefly, who can turn social content around for brands in two weeks.

Pereira O’Dell co-founder and creative chairman PJ Pereira was recently faced with a dilemma: clients were increasingly seeking custom content to feed their various social media channels on a frequent basis. A bit too frequently, in fact, for the agency to manage larger, more fulfilling projects.

Neither side was benefitting from the creative agency handling such work. The agency was forced to spend considerable time and resources creating content that doesn’t generate much revenue, and that can be tedious at times. Meanwhile, brands were forced to go through the same extensive briefing process necessary for a national campaign on content that needed a quick turn around.

“If an agency goes through the same process for a $10,000 production that they go through for a $600 production, it will never work,” Pereira told Adweek during a recent visit to the agency’s New York office. “The time, money, energy spent does not work.”

So, Pereira and his team conjured up a solution: create a network that connects brands to quality creators who can turn social content around in just two weeks’ time.

Voilà! Briefly was born.

"The need for content has ballooned and the budgets haven't followed."
Henry Arlander, Pereira O’Dell director of innovation.

Any brand (and, theoretically, any agency) can submit a brief for the social content they need on the site whether or not they are a client of Pereira O’Dell’s. Right now only static images are being accepted, but features for moving images and videos are in development. The brief is then emailed to a network of creators who can choose to submit an idea, or a “treatment.” The brand then chooses the treatment it likes best.

“The idea came out of an insight,” Henry Arlander, Pereira O’Dell director of innovation, told Adweek. “How do we as an agency help you prepare for the world today? … Every brand needs to be on social media. It’s ever expanding, and ideally, you have content for each of those feeds multiple times a week with content that is unique to each channel. So the need for content has ballooned and the budgets haven’t followed.”

Arlander described Briefly as the “Uber for social content.”

Coca-Cola, Allbirds, Rover and the Ad Council are amongst the companies that have used the site since its soft launch last fall. Briefly is designed to make creating and submitting a brief quick and painless. It includes scales to gauge the tone of the content, key demographics the brand aims to target and an area to add specific requests if necessary.

Once a brand selects a treatment, it will work directly with creators to note any specifics that it did not include in the original brief and request any changes once the content is returned. They get two weeks to complete the project. The creators can also address any questions they have or additional costs they may request regarding things such as travel expenses, for example.

Another point of difference for Briefly compared to other existing networks is that the creators—of which there are currently 50 with a goal of eventually reaching 500—are all carefully curated by Pereira O’Dell, so brands know they have been vetted for the quality of their work. Plus, Arlander and Pereira both stressed that this is by no means another influencer network. Content is made to live on the brand’s social media channels, not the creator’s.

"These creators do whatever they want to do. They don’t have a machine to feed. Both sides can step out at anytime, and we need to let them do it. The creators are just as important to us as the brands."
PJ Pereira, Pereira O'Dell co-founder and creative chairman

“We’re curating a very small network that’s handpicked and limited to 500 creators. And we’ve only let in 15% to 20% of the people who applied,” Arlander explained.

He continued, “These creators are chosen for the quality of their content. It has nothing to do with their following. You’ve got a lot of content creators out there who haven’t built up their following on Instagram or whatever so they haven’t been able to earn money in these influencer networks so this is a perfect spot for them.”

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