Oregon’s Blunt Message; HQ Trivia Is Back: Monday’s First Things First

Plus, Publicis Groupe accelerates global Marcel launch

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Oregon Launches Blunt COVID-19 Message: Stay Home or You Could Accidentally Kill Someone

In these dire times, a number of organizations have created PSAs to explain what actions need to be taken to keep yourself safe, as well as stop the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Viacom and the Ad Council created #AloneTogether; CBS enlisted 50 of its stars for a 60-second “We’re All in This Together” PSA; and a number of companies worked together with the Ad Council to donate media space for a PSA featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci and other key figures in the fight against coronavirus.

Over the last three days, more PSAs rolled out from NBCUniversal, the actors from Contagion, and the NFL (see below for more on those), but nothing was as stark as Oregon’s COVID-19 campaign. It explains that the virus could kill 1.4% of Oregonians. Since the average person knows 600 people, the PSA explains you could know five people who die if precautions aren’t taken. It finishes with a blunt message: “Stay home or you could accidentally kill someone.”

See it: The 30-second PSA’s message is clear.

NBCUniversal Creates Homemade ‘The More You Know’ PSAs for COVID-19

NBC followed Viacom and CBS’ lead with a PSA from its own stars, creating the next iteration of its 30-year-old “The More You Know” campaign. Jane Lynch, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Mario Lopez and more are featured in the spots. Watch them here.

The Actors From Contagion Want You to Stay Home and Wash Your Hands

The movie Contagion reached No. 2 on the iTunes charts earlier this month, and now those actors are back for a series of PSAs about staying home and washing your hands. Watch the messages from Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne and Jennifer Ehle.

How the NFL Quickly Turned Around a PSA Involving Over 50 of the League’s Stars

The NFL brought together 50 stars for a campaign encouraging everyone to #StayHomeStayStrong. Additionally, the league is donating $35 million to 10 organizations. Watch the message from the NFL.

HQ Trivia Is Back

Last month, HQ Trivia abruptly shut down. The app, which took the world by storm in 2018, saw its audience slowly dwindle in 2020. But the live trivia app returned Sunday night with its usual 12-question game and a donation of $100,000 to Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen charity. If you played like me (sadly I went out on Q10), then there’s a good chance you were a winner. Over 10,000 people split a $1,000 pot for a bank-breaking 10-cent prize. The app says it will be back nightly with a 9 p.m. ET game to help entertain all the HQers (as one commenter described them: home quarantiners) out there.

Look back: HQ Trivia is dictating when and how consumers use apps and inspiring a host of imitators.

Publicis Groupe Accelerates Global Marcel Launch, Citing Need for Connectivity During Coronavirus Pandemic

This moment has been in the making for three years. In 2017, Arthur Sadoun, the CEO of Publicis Groupe, announced the holding company was creating an AI assistant that would better connect its 80,000 employees across the globe. After years of development, Marcel is finally here. Publicis Groupe is accelerating the global launch of its AI platform/connectivity network Marcel, beginning with the U.S. next week. It include a daily feed of updates from Publicis Groupe covering information about the state of the industry and training modules, as well as updated information about COVID-19.

Read more: See what else the app will include.

Binge-Watching Continues Soaring as Consumers Hunker Down

No shocker here: People are watching an insane amount of television during this lockdown period. Besides flocking toward programming about contagious illnesses like Contagion, Outbreak and HBO’s Ebola: The Doctor’s Story, viewers are also going deep into libraries and watching not just the streaming services’ new releases.

Read more: Here’s what consumers are watching.

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