Meet the 2 Underwhelmingly Brilliant Creatives Behind Most April Fools’ Day Campaigns

Portal A's parody takes aim at the ad industry

Portal A

There’s a new ad agency on the block, created by two of the most cutting-edge, forward-thinking creative geniuses that you’ve never heard of. The agency is called A.B.C.B.B.D.D.B.D. LLC and it’s run by creative innovator Michael Kreutz and experiential designer Karl Feldson.

Between the two of them, Kreutz and Feldson have won “at least three golden triangles” for their industry-leading April Fool’s Day viral videos–truly a grand accomplishment in this day and age. Take a look at an exclusive interview with the incredibly inspiring duo, below:

Of course, it’s not a real agency. The fake firm was created by content studio Portal A for April Fool’s Day. Rather than default to another fake stunt for a brand, Portal A opted for a video trolling ad agencies and posted it on its AdHoc YouTube page.

Industry veterans will appreciate the dry humor of Kreutz and Feldson, who represent the best in self-absorbed, wonderfully pretentious creativity.

“There is something amazing to me about working with Fortune 500 companies and using their briefs and their budgets to make something that is mildly entertaining,” Kreutz says.

The best part has to be the duo’s discussion of their creative process, which begins the “very instant” they receive the brief from the client. Immediately the two get to work brainstorming, but not before crushing an entire bottle of whiskey, smoking a bowl and doing some VR, all in the name of getting those April 1st creative juices flowing.

True inspirations, indeed.

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