Meet 5 Recruiters Shaking Up the Advertising Industry

From shops like Huge and Publicis

These 5 recruiters are at the top of their game. Photo Illustration, Source: Kristen Williams-Mueller, Jessica Natches, Michelle Tomes, Charlie Vopinek, Dana Siomkos

Recruiters spend their time hunched over resumes and pouring over portfolios to make sure they find the perfect candidate for the company or the client they’re working with. While the five recruiters on this list all perform these tasks exceptionally well, they also add some of their own touches along the way.

Here’s a bit more about five rock stars in the field:

Jessica Natches, vice president of recruiting at Huge

Fresh out of college, art history major Jessica Natches didn’t mean to fall into the agency world, but she’s so glad she did. “It was a complete accident!” she recalls. “I interviewed for a receptionist role right out of college and I got the job, and then I grew from there.”

Today, Natches serves as the vice president of recruiting at Huge, a full-service digital agency headquartered in Brooklyn, N.Y. She first joined the team in 2009 and says taking a position at the company was truly a leap of faith. “I got home and received a phone call that I had a job offer. My reaction was a mix of ‘Who are these crazy people?’ and excitement, so I decided to take a chance.”

Jessica Natches

Ten years later, Natches mostly works on recruiting C-Suite executives who have the same mission as Huge to “make things that people love.” Most recently, she had a hand in hiring Inessah Selditz, a group experiential director at the agency. “[Selditz] brings incredible architectural expertise and in general, is just really cool and smart,” Natches says. She also hired Jason Musante, global CCO at Huge in 2016 and considers Musante’s hiring a career highlight.

Natches says recruiters often get pegged as not being strategic, but she argues otherwise. She and her team look at every potential hire strategically and with the mindset that each role impacts the company. “Our process is very collaborative and involves close partnership with the agency’s hiring managers,” she says. “It is also transparent in that we seek to give candidates real insight and exposure into working here. In terms of knowing if someone is a good fit, we encourage people to be inclusive. Our employees need to care about conversations in culture.”

Dana Siomkos, founder of You & Them

Dana Siomkos always knew she wanted to work in advertising. “When I was a kid instead of playing house with my sisters we’d play business and I owned an advertising agency,” she recalls. “It really was a childhood fantasy.”

Although she knew this was the industry she wanted to be in, she used to shy away from recruiter jobs. At one point, a friend asked for her help sourcing digital talent. “I had no interest in helping him, but I was in between jobs and I knew I wanted to start a business, so I said yes,” she says. “After a month or two, it became my passion and my friend and I became business partners.”

Dana Siomkos

In 2010, Siomkos opened up You & Them, a New York-based recruiting firm helping job seekers and businesses alike find their perfect match. While Siomkos understands the importance of a great resume, her company prefers to take a more personal approach.

“There’s a ton of tremendous tech out there, but our feeling is human chemistry, intuition, those elements are so important and will always be important and that’s the lens from which we do our work,” she explains. “We go and spend time at [our client’s] office, we sit in on meetings, we meet the hiring manager and the other employees there as well. We don’t just want a view of the position, but a full 360 view of the company as well because it helps us to connect the dots.”

Charlie Vopinek, talent acquisition specialist at Performics

As the talent acquisition specialist at Performics, a Publicis Media agency headquartered in Chicago, Vopinek’s job is all about creating real, sustainable relationships and communicating with candidates constantly.

He started his career in sales working for a trucking logistics company, “I quickly realized that was not the right setting for me,” he says. He moved on to Aerotek Recruiting and Staffing where he began to recruit architects, interior designers and engineers. Vopinek found that he liked recruiting, but wanted to go in-house at an agency and landed at Performics.

Charlie Vopinek

is a freelance writer.