Maserati Picks Accenture Interactive to Enhance Its Digital Experience Globally

The shop is tasked with improving how the brand engages with consumers

Accenture named Maserati's global experience agency. Maserati
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Luxury carmaker Maserati has named digital shop Accenture Interactive to be its global experience agency.

Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital, will be responsible for enhancing Maserati’s customer experience across its digital channels and expanding its sales and brand equity globally. Specifically, the agency will be in charge of digital brand strategy, digital advertising, digital content production, campaign management and analytics services.

“We are proud of our reputation for delivering a superior customer experience, yet we’re still committed to improving every interaction we have with current and potential customers,” Maserati head of marketing Jacob Nyborg said in a statement. “High-quality brand experiences change the nature of our relationships in a positive way and we want to engage with our customers across all channels, from media to after-sales, in more meaningful ways.”

Nyborg said Accenture Interactive has the right capabilities to deliver strong experiences built around “consistent, seamless and authentic interactions.”

The shop is tasked with making all departments, not just sales and customer service, consumer-focused. Capabilities like end-to-end creative, data-driven marketing, digital analytics and digital performance management will be fused into the core of Maserati’s business.

Maserati is looking for Accenture Interactive to deliver more personalized digital content and advertising to engage current and prospective customers. The company will collaborate with an eclectic team from the agency including its data-driven marketing and digital delivery departments and creative agency Karmarama.

Accenture Interactive’s parent company, consulting services conglomerate Accenture, acquired Karmarama, a previously independent creative agency in the U.K., last November.

“Progressive businesses like Maserati recognize that experience is the new battleground with customers expecting integrated, human-centered experiences both digitally and in the real world,” said Anatoly Roytman, who leads Accenture in Europe, Africa and Latin America. “The mandate from Maserati is clear: to use digital to help drive sales, and at the same time, build premium brand equity.”

Maserati spent a scant $5.35 million on advertising in the U.S. alone in 2016 and $2.41 million in the first six months of this year, according to Kantar Media. It is unclear how much Maserati spends globally and how much of the account Accenture Interactive will control.

@kitten_mouse Lindsay Rittenhouse is a staff writer at Adweek, where she specializes in covering the world of agencies and their clients.