Mailchimp’s Latest Offering Caters to Small Agencies and Freelancers

A colorful campaign from R/GA is helping the brand spread the word about its new program

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Leta Sobierajski is one of the photographers featured in the campaign. Mailchimp
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Mailchimp is formalizing its network of freelancers and agencies that use the platform on behalf of clients through a program that offers perks, educational resources and financial incentives to those who participate.

The program, Mailchimp & Co, is officially launching with a campaign created by R/GA called “Beautiful Mess” that features vibrant images of real-life freelance photographers. Some of the individuals featured include Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierjski, a creative duo based in Brooklyn, as well as Tropico Photo, a two-person photography team in Atlanta.

The campaign is running across digital platforms. Mailchimp said the goal of the campaign is to celebrate the life of a freelancer by showcasing an elevated version of the messy and unconventional spaces they often work in.

Katie Potochney, senior creative director at Mailchimp, said R/GA helped the marketing platform craft the “voice and visuals” of its latest offering.

“Their strong production capabilities became essential, especially in the early weeks of the pandemic,” she said. “They found creative solutions under intense constraints to run multiple remote photo shoots that led to beautiful results with our amazing photographers working from their home studios.”

According to Mailchimp, roughly 35,000 freelancers and agencies use its platform to help small businesses with their marketing efforts. The aim of Mailchimp & Co is to bring this community together and make it easier for them to find work.

Becoming a member of Mailchimp & Co is free, but different tiers unlock various perks. Tiers are largely based on how many clients’ Mailchimp accounts a member has access to currently. The highest tier, “pro partner,” offers the most benefits, but requires at least 20 “active paid clients” be connected to a member’s Mailchimp account.

All members have access to Mailchimp Academy, an educational hub where freelancers and agencies can learn about topics such as email marketing and automations. They also can attend meetups to network with other Mailchimp & Co members.

Members with two or more clients can make use of the platform’s rewards feature, which essentially give users the opportunity to earn money each time they refer a client to Mailchimp, upgrade a client’s account or activate features on behalf of them.

Those with 10 or more clients, dubbed “partners,” receive a slew of additional benefits, including a listing on Mailchimp’s partner directory, access to a Slack workspace and exclusive webinars. Pro partners get even more, including the chance to be featured in Mailchimp content such as newsletters, and priority placement in its partner directory.

“When it comes to community, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all,'” the company said in a document that explains the various tiers. “Mailchimp & Co is designed to grow with you as you invest in your skills and grow your client base. As you unlock new levels of mastery through our training and certification resources and begin to connect and work with new paid client accounts, you’ll level up your partner status.”

@Minda_Smiley Minda Smiley is an agencies reporter at Adweek.