How to Foster Inclusion in Your Workplace in Just 15 Minutes a Day

McCann Worldgroup's chief diversity officer says small decisions influence big change.

Nick Gardner

Singleton Beato has spent years thinking deeply about how to drive business and innovation through implementing diversity and inclusion policies as McCann Worldgroup‘s chief diversity and engagement officer since 2017. She joined us for an episode of Top of Mind to talk about solutions to one of the agency world’s (and wider world’s) toughest problems.

The good news: She’s seen an encouraging shift in the number of leaders focused on inclusion in their organizations. “I am totally excited about the conversations happening around diversity and inclusion,” she says. “It’s top of mind for CMOs and CEOs. … In order to be innovative, you’ve got to have diverse thinkers all around you, all the time.”

She cautions against impatience, though. Real change is about changing minds, not quick-fix initiatives.

Her best advice for leaders is to spend 15 minutes a day speaking to employees who are different from them, whom they might not normally talk with. It makes employees feel valued, broadens leaders’ perspectives and influences colleagues to do the same.

“If you’re demonstrating inclusive behavior yourself, the change will happen,” she says.

Watch to the end of this episode to hear the scary advice Beato’s mom gave her when she was up for her first C-suite job, then check out more episodes of Top of Mind.

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