How Austin-Based Agency Drumroll Found Its Beat

Exciting customer experiences help brands like Capital One


Who Co-founders Kirk Drummond and Chris Mollo

What Ad agency

Where Austin, Texas

For the past decade, Drumroll of Austin, Texas, has helped clients including Capital One, Microsoft and Sony create engaging campaigns that shake up brands' images. "We call it building brand love, but it's really a way of setting a high watermark on advocating for an exceptional customer experience," explained Drumroll CEO Kirk Drummond, who co-founded the brand shop with COO Chris Mollo. "How do you help big brands transition from thinking about their role in marketing and advertising to one of creating fans and brand advocates?"

Finding exciting ways to engage audiences is key. The agency, for example, worked with Capital One to build hype around NCAA March Madness by encouraging crazed fans to tweet their seat number at a Final Four game for the chance to upgrade to a better section of the stadium. Meanwhile, Drumroll keeps its own 50 staffers happy with weekly lunches and creative projects—like asking new employees to design their own album covers that are on display in the company's entryway.

"It's an interesting way to not only celebrate the team—we love the fact that when you walk in it's the first thing you see—but also it's a great icebreaker," Drummond noted.

This story first appeared in the January 2, 2017 issue of Adweek magazine.

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