Want Trump to Melt Away? This Ad Agency Created the Perfect Candle for You

Donating proceeds to social causes

The creative minds at Los Angeles-based multicultural boutique o1 Agency have built a great, beautiful candle—and they want you to pay for it.

Beautiful is, of course, a matter of opinion when describing a dense, yellow-orange, miniature sculpture of President Donald Trump’s head and neck, but this candle is undeniably handcrafted. And for a limited time, o1 Agency will be selling the products as a symbol of hope … that America’s outspoken leader “melts away soon.”

The sight of a wax president, complete with a sign across his tie that reads “It’s only a matter of time,” is a little disturbing.

Here’s a (sad!) accelerated video clip of time running out for one such candle.

In a statement provided to Adweek, 01 Agency founders and creative directors Curro Chozas and Juan Oubiña said the candle is “a way of showing our point of view of the current political situation with an unexpected and ironical twist.”

So what’s the twist? The agency will donate 30 percent of the profits raised from sales of the candles to organizations that support the causes and groups Trump has publicly denounced in some way, including the LGBTQ community, women and immigrants.

“We always tell our clients that nowadays brands need to have a point of view … to stand for something,” Chozas and Oubiña added. “We wanted to walk our talk and dedicate a percentage of our time to inspire conversations around social issues we care about.”

They continued: “So when the first year of Donald Trump as a president was coming to a close, we thought of creating an ‘anniversary candle.'”

According to Chozas and Oubiña, the idea for the candle also came from new and old traditions including the belief in certain cultures that lighting a candle and making a wish will ensure that it comes true. The creative directors said they were also inspired by the annual Burning Man arts festival in the Nevada desert, where setting the titular wooden statue on fire and watching it turn to ash has become ritual.

The Trump candle, priced at $39.95, is the first of a line of limited-edition products o1 Agency said it wants to sell under the platform O-uniques. The products aim to “create dialogues and debates that are significant to our world.”

Chozas and Oubiña said they have already sold out of the first batch of 200 candles and will therefore be able to price the second “significantly lower.”

@kitten_mouse lindsay.rittenhouse@adweek.com Lindsay Rittenhouse is a staff writer at Adweek, where she specializes in covering the world of agencies and their clients.