Experiential Fabrication Shop Helps Offices Reconfigure Space for Social Distancing

Treehouse Spaces offers design solutions for reopening businesses

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A mockup of a retail environment from Treehouse Spaces. Treehouse Spaces
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As local governments begin to ease lockdown restrictions, businesses across the U.S. are beginning to reopen. But for companies that want to keep employees and customers safe, most offices won’t function or look the same as they did before the Covid-19 pandemic.

To help businesses ensure social distancing, Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, a Los Angeles-based experiential design and fabrication shop, has launched Treehouse Spaces, a division offering products and design solutions.

“As millions of employees return to the workplace, businesses want to have the peace of mind that they’re doing everything they can to stop the spread of Covid-19,” said Brett Hyman, founder and CEO of NVE Experience Agency and co-founder of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, in a statement. “Our team develops bespoke retrofit products and solutions to match every office’s needs, and most importantly, make sure that people feel comfortable returning to work.”

Treehouse Spaces offers signage for medical offices.
Treehouse Spaces

Treehouse’s team of craftspeople are pivoting their skills to help businesses with open office environments, as well as companies in medical, retail and hospitality industries. For each client, the company will audit the workspace to determine which solutions are needed. The process then involves designing, building and installing.

Solutions include customized barriers, health checkpoints, acrylic shields, audiovisual integrations and front desk safety products. The company will also offer hand sanitizing stations, common area seating partitions and signage to encourage social distancing and guide traffic.

With the launch, Treehouse has also introduced two products for distancing between desks: the Nook and the NookGo. The Nook is a desktop addition for open offices that offers three panels for privacy. NookGo is portable for temporary work environments, aimed at freelancers, creatives, writers and other professionals who don’t work in a permanent space. Both products don’t require tools or technical knowledge to use.

The division also offers desk partitions, called the Nook and NookGo.
Treehouse Spaces

“There is danger that businesses will take shortcuts, rather than the necessary measures to protect their employees,” said Moray Smith, president of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, in a statement. “Our goal with Treehouse Spaces is to help companies reconfigure their offices and do it right, following safety best practices, while saving them money in the process.”

Treehouse, which was founded in 2017, has built activations for brands including Adidas, Twitter, Diageo, Billboard and Samsung.

The pandemic has forced many companies in the experiential and live event industry to pivot business models to not only help those impacted by Covid-19, but also add new revenue streams while in-person events aren’t feasible.

Some companies shifted to make PPE for healthcare workers, while businesses like Chicago-based Platinum Events rebranded to offer businesses decontamination services.

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