DDB Changes Its Name for the Day to DDB&R in Honor of Its First Female Copywriter

A salute to Phyllis Robinson

For today, DDB Worldwide has a new name. DDB Worldwide
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In honor of International Women’s Day, DDB Worldwide is changing its name for one day and one day only.

Today, the agency is calling itself DDB&R. The additional R is in honor of Phyllis Robinson, the agency’s very first female copywriter.

“The move to add Phyllis’ name to the door is a symbolic reminder of the contributions many women of her generation and later generations have made to the ad industry,” Wendy Clark, CEO of DDB North America, said in a statement. “It also signals to our own employees our continued non-negotiable belief that talent has no gender.”

The change will show up on all of the agency’s meeting rooms, on employee email signatures and on social media. While those changes are only temporary, the agency will keep the changes it’s making to meeting rooms in its North American offices. One of Robinson’s quotes, “Do the kind of work nobody else is doing,” will be a permanent fixture in those offices.

Along with the name change, DDB&R is pushing out a big social campaign today. Earlier, the agency tweeted a number of iconic ad campaigns created by some of the agency’s brightest female employees. It includes an image of the original ad alongside an updated one created specificially for International Women’s Day.

A classic ad for Ohrbach, “Kid,” originally read: “We regret to inform you your school stuff is ready at Ohrbach’s.” The International Women’s Day version reads, “We regret to inform you that not all advertising classics were written by men.”

DDB&R also updated some of Robinson’s famous TV spots from 1976. The ad for Polaroid featured Candice Bergen. In changing both the print and TV ads, DDB&R is hoping to educate people who may not know that women have been behind some of the most famous ads from the past.


@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.