Black Lives Matter in Advertising: Adweek Passes the Mic to the Hosts of Mixed Company

Kai Deveraux Lawson and Simeon Coker guest host this week's D&I TBD podcast

Photos of Kai Deveraux Lawson and Simeon Coker
Sources: Adweek, Mixed Company Podcast

Adweek’s diversity and inclusion podcast, D&I TBD, is passing the mic this week to Kai Deveraux Lawson and Simeon Coker, hosts of the Mixed Company podcast. Since 2016, Mixed Company’s raw look at advertising has been critical, but also crucial and filled with real solutions.

Lawson and Coker share personal experiences and break down the systemic issues that agencies and brands face when it comes to discussing racism, both externally to consumers and internally, where Black talent is vastly underrepresented.

Mixed Company Podcast

The duo also talks about recent advertising, marketing and communication along with the pitfalls and hypocrisy when invoking— either directly or obliquely—the tragic deaths of Black Americans, especially as the coronavirus disproportionately continues to claim their lives.

Critically, Lawson and Coker provide actionable advice, encourage and explain how to have uncomfortable conversations and more. (If you’re not already a subscriber to Mixed Company, you can learn more about the show here.)

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