Even the Most Awkward Holiday Moments Are Comfortable in Bombas Socks

Direct-to-consumer brand with the hilarious truth bomb

a dog and a grandmother fighting over a candy cane
You may have to pretend you like Christmas sweaters, but not Bombas socks. Provided

Oh, the holidays. So uncomfortable. It’s the uncle who wants to talk about politics. The relative who never left your hometown wondering why you moved to the other end of the country. Gifts that incorporate too much teal, unless the recipients are Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

Each of us has stories about awkward holiday moments, and how we reacted (or not). To that end, direct-to-consumer sock brand Bombas veers into some deliciously cartoony territory with a pair of ads that illustrate how comfortable people can be during the holidays despite the many discomforts that come with the season.

The first ad, created by indie agency Bindery, tees up the scenarios one might (or might not) expect like weird family photoshoots and grandma bringing a new, erm, “friend” home.

The second spot is the delicious extended story of “Aunt Kathy,” a family member who has an adorable dog and little time to worry about the humans at the table.

Relatable? Perhaps. A little over the top? Absolutely, but this is the way to play it and to convey that, even in weird situations like these, one can be comfortable in a pair of Bombas socks.

It’s a bit of a change for the purpose-led brand that has donated over 12 million pairs of socks (and counting) to homeless shelters across the country. Last year, Bombas went with a counterintuitive approach in a campaign from Humanaut to celebrate the donation of its 10 millionth pair of socks, the most requested item among the homeless population.

Interestingly, Bombas is all in on differentiation by trying not to be too different—again, embracing a counterintuitive approach.

“In the same way that we’re not actively trying to differentiate ourselves from other sock brands, we’re not actively trying to differentiate ourselves from other brands with purpose,” Bombas founder Randy Goldberg told Adweek last year.

“We try not to think too hard about competition. We hope that every brand with purpose does well, and we also are open to helping other purpose-driven brands succeed.”

With a duo of fun ads, the company may finally set itself apart. And maybe, just in time for the holidays, its mission could also spread to the rest of the world.


Director: Raúl B Fernández
Founder: Greg Beauchamp
Executive Producer: Carter Collins
Executive Producer: Andrea Theodore
Producer: Drew Toresco
Creative Director: Paul Spelman

Chief Brand Officer: Randy Goldberg
Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Wolk
VP, Content: Jessica Krantz
Copywriter: Sam Bartos

@zanger doug.zanger@adweek.com Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.