Agency Medium Rare Is Turning Up the Heat on Events

Co-founders Joe Silberzweig and Adam Richman share the recipe for an iconic experience

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You know those parties or events that leave you speechless because of how epic they were? Now you can finally hear how those large-scale extravaganzas come to be and what it takes to bring them together.

Co-founders Joe Silberzweig and Adam Richman aren’t new to the events space. They got their start while they were in college, throwing some of the coolest parties on their campus featuring performances from popular musicians such as The Chainsmokers. Prior to starting their agency Medium Rare, they worked with global festivals across Live Nation, Tomorrowland and LiveStyle.

You may be familiar with a few of the agency’s events like Shaq’s Fun House, Shaquille O’Neal’s personal live event platform, and Black Entrepreneurs Day, the agency’s joint venture with Daymond John, the founder and CEO of FUBU and co-star of ABC’s four-time Emmy Award-winning show Shark Tank.

In this episode of Young Influentials, Silberzweig and Richman join Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels to discuss their journey into the events space, starting Medium Rare and their plans for the Super Bowl in 2023.